Scoring Carbon Output in Travel

Our unique tool accurately scores and reports the carbon footprint of tourist accommodation, flights and transfers across the globe in order to help the consumer have an accurate and independent view.

Every hotel, lodge or camp listed on this website has completed a thorough survey enabling our model to accurately calculate their carbon output and therefore the carbon footprint that would be attributed to an individual should they chose to stay there. We only publish their scores if requested. We also calculate transfers and internal and international flights.

Wherever you see the carbonscored logo you know a property has scored it’s output.


What We Do

We request properties to respond to our carbon survey. This enables us to calculate the carbon output generated.

We are then able to give every property a unique carbon score, enabling them to give you a per person per night carbon footprint score.

The survey goes into fine detail: from how they generate their power; to where their food and veg are sourced; as well as what off setting initiatives are already in place.

By being able to score your trip accurately enables you to offset easily.

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We are very happy with the system and we value that we can update our score further down the line.


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I’m really appreciating what this can do to help lower customers’ carbon footprints. We are all signed up.


Charlie Cotton, ecollective MD said:
“The travel industry has consistently found it a huge challenge to accurately measure carbon footprints on tailor-made trips in a meaningful way. Having worked on this for the past 12 months we are thrilled to have finally cracked this by creating our highly technical model. The impact of this project has the potential to be far reaching… not only enabling lower carbon holidays for customers, but also helping suppliers on the ground to understand and then reduce their own footprint too.”