Please see details below on how the survey works and click on the link to download the survey. Once you have filled it in it will be sent back to our partners at ecollective to calculate the carbon emissions and create an accurate score. You can update your survey at anytime – just fill it in again and resend.


Our dream is that in a matter of only one or 2 years – a per night carbon score will be as common the world over as a “per night price”.  Your leadership will make a difference.

  • I’m asking for 10-20 minutes of your time to complete our carbon scoring survey with as much information as possible relating to your business. This will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  • Full instructions of how to complete this are included in the survey.

Download Survey

The benefits to you

  • Showcasing the sustainability initiatives of your organisation.
  • Position yourself as being at the forefront of sustainable travel.
  • Benchmark your business against sector averages (don’t worry, your info will be kept confidential).
  • We’ll share sustainability best practises and ideas with you.
  • A unique carbon footprint score differentiating you from national averages.